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Image by Yoav Hornung



Horses are powerful, sentient beings with the capacity to mirror human emotions and facilitate human healing.


As a prey animal, horses are always fully present and aware in their environment. They have highly tuned senses, which makes them aware of subtle changes in their environment and in others around them. Their survival depends on it. This is what makes them such powerful teachers.


At Eunoia, we offer individual and group sessions, tailored to individual needs, .

A trained facilitator, will support you, alongside your horse partner, to learn how to be fully present, connecting with your authentic self again and thus enabling you to create new possibilities for your life.


At Eunoia we offer workshops encouraging personal wellness, exploration and self discovery, such as:


Building your confidence and self-esteem.

Recognizing and understanding what is holding you back.

Letting go of unhealthy habits.

Parenting workshops.

Couples and Family workshops.

These workshops utilize the beautiful surroundings of nature and the unique qualities of the horse to create a safe environment for you to be able to let go, and be with 'what is'. 

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