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Service and Programs offered through Eunoia Equine Assisted Learning

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Individual EAL Sessions 

We tailor sessions to suit your individual needs. 

A trained facilitator, will support you, alongside your horse partner, so you can learn how to be fully present. 

Connecting with your authentic self and thus enabling you to create new possibilities for your life.

Horses reflect back what we are feeling and holding onto, this is where true learning takes place. 

We incorporate mindfulness practises, somatic work, horse time, learning about horses, listening to your story and holding a safe space for you to be who you need to be. 

We work with individuals of all ages. 

Sessions are an hour, but we allow some extra time at the end for you to process and reflect before you leave. 


Family EAL Sessions

We recognise that if someone within a family is struggling then this impacts the whole family.

Our family sessions involve 2 trained facilitators, so that we can give you all the time and attention that you deserve. 

As always we work alongside the horses, utilizing the herd dynamics, horse exercises, effective communication, mindfulness, somatic work...

 Creating a safe space for you to be who you need to be, particularly Infront of your family. 


Group EAL Sessions 

We offer:

Team Building

Wellness groups

School programs

Summer programs

Wrangling/Leadership Training

we can also create a group session to suit your unique needs. 

During our group sessions we  spend time with the herd, learning about ourselves and how we present to others. We practise mindfulness and the importance of listening to our bodies and so much more...

We can provide nutritious food, beverages, snacks depending on your budget and requirements. 


Horses are powerful, sentient beings with the capacity to mirror human emotions and facilitate human healing.

As a prey animal, horses are always fully present and aware in their environment. They have highly tuned senses, which makes them aware of subtle changes in their environment and in others around them. Their survival depends on it. This is what makes them such powerful teachers.



At Eunoia we offer workshops encouraging personal wellness, exploration and self discovery, such as:

Building your confidence and self-esteem.

Recognizing and understanding what is holding you back.

Letting go of unhealthy habits.

Parenting workshops.

Couples and Family workshops.

These workshops utilize the beautiful surroundings of nature and the unique qualities of the horse to create a safe environment for you to be able to let go, and be with 'what is'. 

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