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I am a Certified Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach (EAPD), also a Trauma Informed Integrative Counsellor working with individuals and families. I also gained my certification in Life Coaching. I am also a registered Reflexologist.

I understand that we are all unique, therefore; I use an Integrative approach, that is successful, adaptable and positively impactful for you. 
I have been around horses since my early teens, recognizing the healing qualities, connections, and unconditional regard that horses bring. 
My counselling expertise, love of horses and nature come together to bring a unique experience of exploration, self discovery, growth and positive change.



I've always had a passion for nature and a love of all living things. This passion has been central in my life, both at home and in my career as a teacher, where I have helped countless children connect to the world around them.

I have always been drawn to horses, fascinated by the connection you can have with this powerful, yet gentle animal. This interest led me to pursue training to become an Equine Assisted Personal Development Coach (EAPD). In order to further deepen my understanding, I later completed an intensive twelve week course that focused on developing mind and body awareness through working with horses. 

I am able to combine my many years as a teacher, my love of nature and my appreciation of the innate wisdom of horses, to help my clients gain a deeper understanding of self, utilizing the wisdom of the horse. 


Land Owner /Business Partner 

I am a  zoologist and have worked at the Calgary Zoo for many years, gaining extensive knowledge of different species, their habits and interactions with each other and the environment. 

I live on a 40 acre property in the foothills west of Okotoks, with my dogs, cats, chickens and horses.  I have lived here for almost 10 years and have always wanted to share it with others. I am excited to open up my beautiful space for you. 

I feel that with my wisdom, experience and knowledge of my herd will add to your unique experience. 



I am the Great-granddaughter of Secretariat. I have competed in jumping, competitive trail rides and polocrosse. I have been a fantastic mother to two beautiful foals.



I was found at a horse auction.  Due to my calm disposition I was saved from the auction and now enjoy life at the ranch. I have been in the Stampede Parade many times and  love everyone.

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