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Eunoia Equine Assisted Learning and Wellness

Building a Community through Horses

Eyes of girl and horse in black and whit

Connect with your inner self through the eyes of a horse.

(Eunoia is a greek word meaning a pure and well-balanced mind.

Beautiful Thinking. 

It is pronounced yoo-noy-ah)

This is our philosophy.

Eunoia offers a safe space for individuals and groups to develop emotional, physical and mental wellness through the horse and human connection.

We work with individuals, groups, couples and families 


Our Programs

Eunoia Equine (EAL)

Eunoia Wellness

Wellness Workshops with Horses

Creative Workshops

Eunoia Community Events

Team Building 

Summer Camps 

Working with horses can help with:




grief and loss





self esteem 


We foster an environment where you can be your authentic self without judgement.

Come and join one of our programs, enjoy time spent in nature and connect with like-minded people.

Life is busy and chaotic particularly in the world we live in right now. It's important more that ever to take time to value yourself. Horses are naturally present to their environment and the people around them, holding no judgement or agenda. They mirror and reflect back what we are feeling, joy, sadness, anger, frustration, even if we are not aware of it ourselves.

Our Eunoia community is located just west of Okotoks on a beautiful

property nestled in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains.



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